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Red Oak

(Quercus rubra)

Red Oak is debatably the most popular hardwood in the United States due to its abundance and affordability. Despite having low durability and stability, it is a staple for interior trim, flooring, and furniture work because of its easy workability. 

All hardwoods are kiln dried, and stocked in random lengths from 8' - 16' (odds and evens).

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Size Options Available

Board Size Board Grade
1 x 4 Clear, S4S
1 x 6 Clear, S4S
1 x 8 Clear, S4S
1 x 10 Clear, S4S
1 x 12 Clear, S4S
5/4 x 4 Clear, S4S
5/4 x 6 Clear, S4S
5/4 x 8 Clear, S4S
8/4 Clear, S2S1E

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